Who we are


With rapid urbanization, a sluggish economy and a worsening climate crisis, we urgently need more sustainable construction practices and buildings. We need another attitude, where restoring hope and making sense should be the leitmotiv of Architecture, where Architecture should be our new shelter smartly connected to Nature.

“Smartly connected to Nature”  is TAMA’s motto and commitment towards our society as we think Architecture matters can change the LIFE in better, so we are devoted to design, to create and to inspire a more harmonious and sustainable society. 

“The role of a designer is very important. Knowing the materials, the needs of the people and the construction cost, he searches for the quality of a space. When beauty comes, then architecture sings.” Nguyen Chi Tam, architect.

Born in 1972 in Ho-Chi-Minh-City, this iconoclastic architect studied in Paris and Houston. Then, he graduated Architect DPLG from the U.P.A. 1 Paris-Villemin from the –École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris– in 1996. After an intensive working experience for Renzo Piano Building Workshop on important projects in Paris, Lyon and New-York, in 2008 he decided to go back to Vietnam, designing hundreds of local significant projects. There, he would like to face new challenges, as amazing changes have been happening for years in Asia, particularly in architecture. A new world is awakening changing faster and faster. In this world of tomorrow, more architects and more architecture will be required playing the role of –medium- between the Nature and the Development, since the future of our planet Earth and of our children is at stake. As humanity will be more and more numerous, bigger and bigger cities are developing in an increasingly fragile and smaller planet Earth. Thus, it is obvious that architecture has a key role to play as the shelter, where we can seek refuge, where we can learn how to live in harmony with the Nature. This is its first mission and fundamental purpose.

“In 2000, Nguyen Chi Tam joined hands with Charlotte Julliard to create Theskyisbeautiful, a humanitarian conceptual project in response to the condition of our planet. Through this project, Nguyen Chi Tam hopes to create a natural link between nature and humanity. In his view, by such careful actions within the cities, architecture becomes useful to people, and by similar actions in the countryside, nature can also be preserved.” The Berkeley Prize Foundation.


Getting back to basics in architecture, keeping a certain distance from fashionable trends or from the green wash industry, having our own vocabulary –not necessarily in the search of style or representation–, our creations share a certain vision for the future, where between style and essence, the substance is more important than the form. For us, finding sense is essential key for architecture, a social act that can change people’s lives for better while benefiting the communities.

TAMA’s philosophy is “Smartly connected to Nature”.