2013 BigC Dalat in the website Kientrucdandung.vn


Architect Nguyen Chi Tam with Big C Da Lat was in kientrucdandung newspaper.




1-B DL


Big C Dalat is certainly the most outstanding shopping center in Vietnam, as it is totally designed and built underground, in order to preserve the iconic scenic view of the famous central Ho Xuan Huong lake.


3-B DL


In building an underground commercial center, we can have an energy saving up to 20% thanks to geothermal energy compared to standard Big C.


4-B DL


We can benefit from day-lighting thanks to well of light, in the central patio, where people can take a rest or a meeting or in the main entrance  (shaped like an organic “wave” or “hill”) with the travalators when descending to 2 deep basements.