2010– This year was a very special year for Hanoi, and especially the 10/10/2010 marked the 1000 year anniversary of Hanoi-Thang Long. It was the year that the French Embassy decided to renovate L’Espace, a famous place in Hanoi for art and culture but totally under-exploited potential, cold and non-convivial.


The idea was to make this place more arty, more French, more welcoming and more flexible. L’espace used to be a place where any event was organized, its expo space had to be built and rebuilt many times , so it created cost and waste. That’s why, our idea to transform L’Espace into a multi-function art space came up immediately.


We design mobile suspended expo panels, along with flexible light ceiling and a more modern cafe connected with the exposition space as a same one big entity sharing the same value of French culture.


At the entrance, we had an idea of a hidden Dragon inside the silk curtain as this year was the year of the Dragon (with the question “Will the Dragon ascent again 1000 years after?”). Unfortunately, in 2016, the new director of L’Espace deleted the idea of one common space of the cafe with the main expo hall and they removed the silk curtain with the Dragon inside.


Location: Trang Tien St., Hanoi, Vietnam

SOW: Full design

Total GFA: 500 m2