The pop-up ePOD1The pop-up ePOD2The pop-up ePOD3The pop-up ePOD4The pop-up ePOD5
The pop-up ePOD1The pop-up ePOD2The pop-up ePOD3The pop-up ePOD4The pop-up ePOD5

The pop-up ePOD

It is a good time to rethink about our discourse on designing, building and living, and refocus our design priorities. Some questions about the Cooling and Comfort: rethinking what we need and how to get it with less energy; renewable energy like Photovoltaic or biogas or wind turbines; but the real challenge is not to produce a handful of “zero” buildings or marketed green buildings, but to wrestle our civilisation’s metabolic flows down to a level that the Earth’s ecology can support.


I think generally, we should reduce more and our attitude should be more frugal than before. We have been over-building and over-consuming. If we cut down on our consumption and lower our ego and ambition, we will be more sustainable.


So all optimization, cost optimization, energy saving and passive climatic design are good strategies that will benefit firstly the owner (as he will make big savings) and consequently, for our planet Earth. We need to rethink totally about our society how it works, the global economy in general, to embrace the circular economy that is a circular flow of materials and cascading energy flows, as we should create things and value that people could be able to reuse and recycle, and not things people really don’t need that will create more waste and more and more pollution.


We also need more responsible attitude especially when in the lack of governance, in order to achieve a more harmonious and prosperous development of the human society with Nature, not against Nature. On our planet a human living should be smartly connected with Nature. That’s why I believe the Energy Saving, the Building Efficiency and the low ecological impact in Architecture are really top-priorities.


I would like to present the Pop-up E-pod concept, a series of eco-friendly homes, prefab pre-engineered E-pod totally self-sufficient, removable, reusable, recyclable, to live an experience of modern retreat living smartly connected with Nature. It uses photovoltaic panels along with battery and ice-tank air conditioner system to be totally low-energy and self-sufficient. E for Ecological, Economical, and Electrical.


Location: Countryside, Nature, mountain, lake, river, coastal area

SOW: Pilot project, Architectural design

Total GFA: 25m2 GFA, 01 floor