Are you searching an architect for your project ?
During the consultation, TAMA can propose a design meeting to discuss about your project, your dream, your wishes, your targets, your budget and then some ideas/advises (free of charge). Then TAMA can propose you different contract types, depending on your project and your budget, from concept package to full design package included all steps (Preliminary, Basic Design, Technical Design, Construction Design, Author Supervision) and all disciplines (Architecture, Structure, MEP, QS).

TAMA is a design team of architects and 3D designers with a strong experience totally dedicated for your project, and  a strong networking of competent experts and engineering partners.


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Why to work with TAMA architecture?
For a project that looks like you. Following your dreams, your wishes. We are talented creative architects, we pay attention on you, we believe that architecture matters, it change the environmental and social issue in better. We are making drawings and design dedicated only for you. We listen to client, we understand their wishes, their needs and tastes, and then we transform it into a real successful project. Working with TAMA is before all, a project that suits you, your needs, in compliance with your desires and budget, in a harmony with the communities and cities. A project that looks like you, a project that is exclusive and unique. This is totally priceless.

To make big saving in energy saving, construction cost saving, and maintenance saving, in order to encourage a more harmonious and sustainable society.

Architects are formed to design smart project adapted to different sites and climates, to define with intelligence the orientation of building, of materials and best techniques /methods of construction. A well-designed project consumes less energy, and maintenance cost is lower, it is also more durable and sustainable and his patrimonial add-value increases. Not like other actors of construction, we –architects- don’t sell materials, so we are more independent, our role is to represent you in order to support you to select the best material and the best price, and we will ensure the good quality and schedule of realization of your project.

For building in total confidence and serenity.

The works of architecture is regulated by the law, and the title is only reserved to professionals that have certificate, long formation and experience. To call an experimented architect, it is to be sure about good advice and analysis from a competent professional and expert, that have all guarantees for success and who will follow you in all along within your project.

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